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21st Century Easy Zip is the easy way to read or write "zip" compression files. Program provides step by step wizard on how to unzip files.

Zip files (.zip) are encountered everywhere: on the Internet, in businesses, and as email attachments. With EasyZip you can view or extract  the contents of any zip file. Just double click on any zip file to see its contents. Then follow Easy Zip's step-by-step Unzip Wizard to view or extract. It's fast and simple.

Use EasyZip to prepare your own zip files. The Zip Wizard makes it simple to collect files and compress them into a zip, ready as an email attachment, or for a floppy disk, or just as a way to save space on your hard disk.

In addition to step-by-step wizards, you can use EasyZip's drag-and-drop capability to zip files from the Windows Explorer. Just select the files and drag them to Easy Zip's window -- they are compressed automatically.

Don't be fooled by the name. EasyZip is the complete zip utilities! If you're a user who needs complete control over the zipping or unzipping process, EasyZip gives it to you.


  • 100% compatible with industry standard zip format
  • Designed for use with the Internet or on your local computer
  • Unzip Wizard guides you through the unzipping process
  • Zip Wizard guides you through the zipping process
  • View zip contents without extracting
  • Lock zip files with passwords (encryption)
  • Produces fast, small zip files, perfect for email attachments
  • Include full paths or relative paths to files
  • Span a zip across multiple diskettes
  • Commonly needed features are automatic
  • Full zip features and full control when you need it

Note: This program is not self extracting

System Requirements
Windows: 95 or 98
Minimum RAM: 4 MB
Hard disk space 3 MB
Minimum CPU: 486/60
Minimum Monitor requirement: 256 color